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11 Signs Water Weight You Need To Know

Water weight

Water weight; Are you experiencing weight gain for the last couple of days without any reason? You might be alarmed to think about it. Though, it is possible that your sudden weight gain due to water retention. You need to despair because you can sink your water weight.

What is water weight?

Water weight is a condition when your body holds more fluid. It can cause your skin and flesh to expand. So, your body keeps and stores the excessive water in the tissues or between blood vessels.

Let me tell you, in fact, your entire body weight is water. That is why you need a lot of water to drink. If you can stay hydrated, it can help your body function. It involves managing your body temperature, cushioning your joints, and remove excess from your body by sweat, urination, and dirt. 

Actually, the amount of water in your body depends on your age, sex, and body composition. In particular, what you eat can cause you to retain a few extra pounds of water weight.

How can you have water weight?

When you talk about water weight, the enormous task is carbs and sodium. Your body has two sources of energy. It takes from your glycogen. Meanwhile, glycogen itself is produced by storing carbs in your muscle and liver. Alongside, the electrolyte sodium excites water from your cells and in your plasma.

You can say that when you eat a hamburger along with french fries, you invite a heavy load of carbs and sodium to collect extra water in your body tissue.

Weight water can be triggered by different things. Those because of the consumption of a high amount of salt or high-carbohydrate, hormone imbalance, lifestyle, dehydration, medication, period, or even weather.

Generally, water weight comes when you are eating salt-laden foods. You could evaporate the salt by lack of exercise or sweating. Sometimes, it is also due to your kidney dysfunction problem. Your kidney can not diffuse water in your body. Furthermore, if you have a hormone imbalance, it can aggravate the water weight.

You can start to consume more potassium and drink more water to help to lessen your weight water. Those will offer your kidney a chance to flush out the excess water in your body.

Here are the eleven symptoms that you are experiencing water retention.

Water weight can attack you at any time. So you have to aware of the signs of whether you suffer from water retention or not. Here are the characters that you are experiencing water weight.

Sudden weight gain in a short time considers as a sign that those kilos might be water weight

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Water weight, water retention

Gaining weight significantly in a short period, like more than 2 or 3 kilos in just a day, should be considered water weight. Because gaining several kilos overnight, fats cannot do that but sure, retaining water can.

Try to weigh yourself every day. You can observe the number on the scale might shift between 1 or 3 kilos. Do not worry, it is a sign of weight water. It pulls longer for fat to be listed on the scale.

Even if you are overeating and lack exercise, it still needs more time to gain weight. You should at least eat more than 3,500 calories to earn only half of kilos.

Some parts of your body are swollen; it is possible from water weight gain

Have a look at your extremities, such as your wrists, fingers, or ankles. If they are swollen, it can be a symptom of weight water gain caused by water retention. The outside of your blood circulation system is also outside of your lymphatic system. This means those areas are the most likely to suffer physical signs of retaining water.

You also can observe if your ring starts to feel firmer than it used to. If your ring becomes ill-fitting suddenly, it can be a sign of swollen hands. Your fingers are a common sign of water retention.

Just observe; you can see through swelling and fluid around your ankles. You can see if your socks leave indentations. That is all the signs of water retention, by means weight water which can cause you weight gain.

When you press on your skin and an indentation reminds there for a little while. Means you have water weight

Try to do this simple thing to check whether you have retaining water or not. Press on your swollen skin. Look carefully; if there is an indentation that hangs on for a couple second, it can be a sign that you have pitting edema. In which, it is one type of water retention.

Remember that the indentation is not always apparent when you try to thumb up the swollen parts of your body. And it is called non-pitting edema. So, you may still have water retention even if your flesh does not pit.

To know whether you have pitting-edema or non-pitting edema, contact your personal doctor to consult.

You feel bloated, primarily after meals, that is possible just water weight

Weight gain cannot happen right away soon after you have one or two meals. Indeed, it can make your stomach bloated. If your puffy does not come for a long time, indeed, the heaviness is plausibly a water weight. When your bloating stays still for a lengthy time, then you should go to see your doctor.

Your water retention will drop away as your kidney return to your body’s water and salt scale. Your kidneys decide whether to hold on to moisture. And it depends on how much your carbs and salt intake. Then if your kidneys are overloaded, they flush it all.

Other symptoms you may suffer from water retention:

  • swollen part in your legs, feet, and ankles
  • you get puffiness of the abdomen, face, and hips
  • sometimes you have stiff joints
  • when part of your body is swelling or puffiness under the skin
  • your skin that seems or feels tight or shiny
  • discolored skin you may have from water retention
  • you get aching limbs or joints


Water retention can be caused by various things. You should check your habitual living since it also affects you with water weight.

Suppose you have water retention; it is normal because your entire body contains water. You can manage it to cut your water weight.

Suppose your symptoms or signs of water retention stay still for an extended period. In that case, to consult your medical supervisor is wise.

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