7 Powerful Cinnamon Benefits For Offer Healthy Life

cinnamon benefits

Cinnamon benefits had been known for years. Cinnamon is a kind of spices that is usually used as an ingredient for cooking some kinds of foods and beverages. It is because cinnamon has a nice taste and aroma. Besides adding some tastes and having a good smell, cinnamon also has various advantages that are great for our health. Below are the health benefits of cinnamons for maintaining our body.

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Cinnamon benefits in controlling the blood sugar

Cinnamon benefits are helping you control your blood sugar. Cinnamon contains an antioxidant compound that can help to maintain the blood sugar1. This ingredient helps the digest process after eating some foods and repair the insulin response for type 2 diabetic patients.

For decreasing the blood sugar level, you can consume one gram of cinnamon. Not only can drop your blood sugar level but also it can reduce your triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol for diabetic people. Based on a source, cinnamon benefits also able to decrease the risk of health problems especially for people with diabetes type 2.

The goodness of cinnamon as an anti-inflammatory

One of the health benefits of cinnamons is as an anti-inflammatory agent2. Cinnamon has the natural anti-inflammation and anti-infection component. In some researches, cinnamon is effective to erase the H. Pylori bacteria that can cause some illnesses such as ulcers and other illnesses caused by the bacteria.

Cinnamon benefits for increasing the brain function

Smelling the cinnamon can increase the brain’s activities. The smell of cinnamon can increase someone’s cognitive process and help to concentrate, remember something, and work speed just like on the computer program and make it faster and better.

Cinnamon benefits at decreasing the cholesterol

Decrease the cholesterol level is one of the benefits of cinnamons. Cinnamon contains some nutrition such as calcium, fiber, and various minerals such as manganese. That is why; cinnamon is perfect to maintain the digestive system health, gut and protect someone from the health problem. Cinnamon is also effective to decrease cholesterol levels. This ingredient contains calcium and fiber that can help to erase the salt inside of our body and prevent colon cancer illness. In addition, the fiber of the cinnamon can resolve constipation or diarrhea.

Cinnamon benefits able to prevent the cancer cells growth

Research done by the University of Texas was showing that cinnamon can help to decrease cancer cell growth. Besides that, cinnamons can be a kind of spices that can heal the cancer problem.

Benefits of cinnamon to warm the body

The traditional healing of China usually uses Cinnamon to heal people who have a fever or influenza problem. It is because cinnamon contains a compound that can warm the body and make it more comfortable as well.

The advantages of cinnamon to prevent the blood clotting

We can make oil from cinnamon, called Cinnamaldehyde. That oil can prevent the blood clotting problem. Some sources said that cinnamon releases the anti-inflammation fat acid, called the arachidonic. This fatty acid then can be used to reduce the inflammation and blood clotting. In addition, cinnamon can also relieve the pain in rheumatism problem.


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