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Cholesterol! 7 Good Foods Simple You Need To Know


High cholesterol levels are one of the most common health problems that people have. The best way to lower it levels is to significantly change your diet. According to Stacey Pence, R.D. from Wexmer Medical Centre, Ohio, exercise and diet management are two ways that people who don’t have a genetic predisposition can stimulate their cholesterol high. Pence recommends consuming lots of all kinds of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains.

He also suggested avoiding trans fats. Although there is nothing called diet cholesterol, a number of studies show that some foods can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the number of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). Pence who is also the author of the book “The New American Diet” shares information about what foods are best for improving cholesterol numbers:

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Pasta, antioxidant to fight cholesterol

The antioxidants contained in pasta can help control inflammation and insulin, which can help reduce LDL and triglycerides. A number of researchers from Harvard University have analysed the diet of more than 27,000 people for eight years. From the analysis, they found that people who ate whole grains on a daily basis weighed 2.5 pounds or about 11.3 kg lighter than those who consumed refined seeds. You can easily find pasta from whole grains at supermarkets or other healthy food stores(1).

Omelette, raise your HDL

We often listen about cholesterol in egg. In fact, people who want to lower their cholesterol always consider eggs as enemies. But recent research proves the opposite. Studies in the Journal of Nutrition found that consumption of eggs can increase the number of HDL, but not LDL.

Eggs will also make our arteries cleaner. In another study, a group of obese people were asked to consume breakfast for 340 calories consisting of two eggs and one bread for five days a week. They were asked to do it for eight weeks. Those who consume eggs (along with the yellow) are reported to have higher energy levels and can lose weight by 65 percent, without any effect on their cholesterol levels(2).

Almonds, drop you LDL

Research shows, almonds not only make a person’s weight do not increase, but they also tend to reduce calorie intake from unhealthy food sources. Those who consume almonds can also reduce cardiovascular risk, such as lipid metabolism and LDL levels (3).

Edamame, reduce your bad cholesterol

Soybeans have good antioxidant content. Pence also said that a study analyzed people who diligently consume protein from soybeans. The study found that they tended to be able to reduce their LDL levels by as much as six percent. The food sources made from soybeans include edamame, tempeh, tofu, and soy milk (4).

Dark chocolate, increase HDL

Research shows that dark chocolate can provide high health benefits and can improve heart health, reduce high blood pressure, reduce LDL level, reduce the risk of blood clots, and increase blood flow to the brain(5).

Red beans, help to reduce your LDL

In general, peanuts are a good type of food for those who are worried about their cholesterol condition. Red beans are a good type of beans and are rich in soluble fiber, which can help lower LDL levels. One article on Healthline’s website once suggested consuming about 3 grams of soluble fiber per ¾ cup of cooked beans. While the Mayo Clinic page suggests consuming 10 grams of water-soluble fiber every day to reduce the level of LDL(6).

Oatmeal, bind your cholesterol

Oatmeal can be a healthy snack option if you want to block your stomach. According to Pence, the fibre found in oatmeal can provide a binding effect on the digestive system. “The fibre helps bind cholesterol from the food we consume and our body won’t absorb it too much from there,” Pence said(7).

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