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7 Weight Loss Smoothies Benefits, Risks, and Best Ingredients

Weight loss smoothies

Weight loss smoothies have different nutritional values based on the ingredients you use to make them. For example, if you make smoothies with whole milk yogurt, your smoothies will give you more fat than those made with non-fat yogurt and water.

But smoothies made with water, yogurt, or milk usually contain less sugar than those you made with fruit juice. If you really love smoothies more than anything else in this world, make sure you know the nutritional value of the smoothies before you take them.

Benefits and Risks of Weight Loss Smoothies

You should know the benefits and risks you should know before consuming detox smoothies in your diet program. Here is the reason why you should and not drink the smoothies detox.

Weight Loss Smoothies and Their Potential Benefits

Smoothies may give you some health benefits and help you lose some weight as well. If you prefer having smoothies to meals, you need to understand what smoothies offer and what smoothies cannot do for you. Below are some benefits of smoothies for your body.

  • Help increase your vegetable and fruit consumption.

One good thing about smoothies is you can use any vegetable and fruit to make them, and you will get a great taste and healthy nutrients. Eating sufficient vegetables and fruits every day is going to reduce the risk of some chronic diseases.

Unfortunately, many people cannot meet the daily recommended vegetables and fruits intake. If you do not like eating veggies or fruits, you need to add them to your smoothies. Weight loss smoothies can get 2 to 3 servings of veggies or fruits packed inside.

  • Smoothies will increase your fiber intake.

Most US people take only 16 grams of fiber every day. This is not good since the department of agriculture in the US recommends everyone take 25 grams into 38 grams of fiber each day. You need enough fiber intake since lack of fiber links to poor digestion and some chronic illnesses such as heart disease.

Smoothies are made of veggies and fruits, so they tend to have many more fibers than the other dishes and beverages. This is going to help you get a regular fiber intake and lower the chronic illness risks. Average fiber intake also increases overall health.

Some Potential Risks Carried by Weight Loss Smoothies

Unfortunately, there are some risks carried by smoothies. At least 2 problems will appear, especially if you really love taking smoothies every day and too often. Below are the chances that you may get as the biggest fan of smoothies.

  • Smoothies carry additional calories.

The biggest problem in consuming smoothies is taking them along with your meals to replace the drink. If you replace the glasses with smoothies, you’ll get calories from your meals and extra calories from the smoothies. Taking many calories is not what you want during the weight loss diet.

  • Smoothies increase your blood sugar levels.

If your smoothies are already sweet but you still add some more sugars, you are making your smoothies unhealthy. Avoid doing it if you want to be healthy and lose weight. Even if you make the smoothies at home using completely natural ingredients, your smoothies already have raw sugar.

Fruits especially contain lots of sugar levels. Smoothies contain more than one type of fruit, which means the fructose or sugar contents may be high enough already. Suppose you have some health conditions like type 2 diabetes. In that case, you may have to be really careful in making smoothies, especially those made of fruits.

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The Healthiest Ingredients for Weight Loss Smoothies

So you know the potential benefits and risks of smoothies and still can’t ignore them. Then you better use the best and healthiest ingredients to make your homemade smoothies. Below are some healthy ingredients you must have to make your upcoming smoothies.

  • Green tea powder

People believe that green tea has the power to lose some of your weight. Add this green tea powder and make your smoothies work better to eliminate the fat from the body cells. Green tea can do it because of the catechins content in it.

Green tea has no overpowering flavor. You are free to add this powder to any smoothies you make at home. No need to worry this green tea powder will spoil your smoothies’ taste.

  • Spinach

Don’t skip this yet. Leafy green smoothies are less flavorful than the fruit ones. But remember that you want to get weight loss smoothies detox, and spinach is the best candidate to trigger the fat burn. Spinach will supply fiber that satiates your tummy for a longer time.

  • Coconut oil

This herbal oil is a superfood that is so famous around the world. The studies found that consuming 2 teaspoons of this vegan oil will help you lose fat around the belly. Coconut oil also has not much flavor or taste; you can add it to all smoothies you make at home.

  • Oats powder

Breakfast smoothies will be more perfect with powdered oats. Those oats will make you feel more full in the morning. Oats also have high fiber content that will prevent you from binge eating and cravings. Make sure you have lots of oats powder for all your smoothies.

  • Flax seeds

This seed is one of the most amazing ingredients to lose weight. Flax seeds are an excellent source of gum-like fiber that is known as soluble mucilaginous fiber. This fiber will lower the bad cholesterol that exists in your blood. The thread will also act as the hunger suppressants.

  • Chia seeds

Oil made of chia seeds has been used anywhere. But the sources themselves are also healthy for your body. Chia seeds will help increase your smoothies’ satiety factor. Consuming smoothies with chia seeds will help you stay away from snacks that may fail your weight loss program.

  • Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love cinnamon rolls? Cinnamon is everyone’s favorite spice, especially those who want to lose weight more quickly. Cinnamon can help to relieve bloating and will act as remedies for water retention. Besides, cinnamon will enhance your smoothies’ flavor.

Keep in your mind, follow the rules in making homemade weight loss smoothies. Don’t add extra sugar to your smoothies. Use only the best and healthiest ingredients, and don’t take them to replace your drinks alongside your meals.


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