3 Hidden Black Tea Benefits When You Drink For Life

black tea benefits

Black Tea Benefits – Enjoying the morning or evening with a sip of cup of tea not only relieves stress, but also makes the body more refreshed. Besides that, we will also get many health benefits, including maintaining blood pressure. It has become a habit for many people to drink tea in the morning or evening. And who would have thought that drinks from these leaves had abundant benefits for our health.

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Here is the list of the Black Tea Benefits in maintaining your health

Black Tea Benefits Can Reduce Blood Pressure

In 2013, a combination of researchers from Europe conducted a study of two groups of participants. The first group routinely consumed black tea three times a day. While other groups consume other caffeinated drinks.

The study was conducted for six months. The researchers found a systematic review of the results showing that the content of black tea benefits can help reduce blood pressure, although the effect is small, but with little effect it is very beneficial for cardiovascular health(1).

Black Tea Benefits Can Reduce Stress

Did you know, people who drink a cup of black tea every day can reduce stress faster than those who don’t drink it. Research on this matter was conducted by University College London, with participants of 75 adult men who drank tea regularly, divided into 2 groups and carried out monitoring for 6 weeks.

The first group participants did not drink tea, coffee, and caffeinated drinks. The second group participant drank caffeinated tea. After that they were given various assignments and had high stress levels. From this it was concluded that the group that drank black tea had a speed in recovering from daily stress(2).

Caffeinated Black Tea Benefits Has the Ability to Reduce the Risk of Glaucoma

Based on research in the United Kingdom, with 1678 participants who had taken full eye tests, including photographs, it was found that 84 or 5% of participants had glaucoma. The participants were asked questions about how often they consumed both caffeinated and caffeinated drinks over the past 12 months. From the results of these questions, those who drank hot tea every day had a smaller risk of glaucoma than those who did not drink it.

But unfortunately, the study cannot show the relationship between caffeinated tea or non-caffeinated tea can reduce the risk of glaucoma. Basically, tea contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective substances, which as we know can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes(3).


Don’t drink too much black tea, because there is a dose of caffeine in black tea. If not consumed in excess black tea is usually safe for many adults. The side effects of drinking excessive black tea range from mild to serious, including sleep disorders, vomiting, headaches, and so on. Drinking more than 6 cups a day is not safe for our body, because high doses of caffeine can cause death.


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