2 Urgent You See When Lemon Juice Before Breakfast

What you should do before breakfast

Lemon juice water before breakfast in the morning is widely believed to burn fat in the body, either warm or cold, just by putting a lemon slice into the water. Useful to help reduce weight and get rid of toxins in the body. Aside from the delicious taste, this is what makes lemon juice drink preferred by many dieters.

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Lemon juice and facts

Here you can see the fact about the effectivities of lemon juice water for your body.

Lemon juice and fat

There seems to be something wrong, the efficacy of lemon water is only limited to suggestions. “It’s not going to burn fat by any stretch of the imagination,” says Karen Ansel, R.D.N(1). Enough to reduce drinks that are high in calories and have high sugar content, with ordinary fresh water is quite efficacious to lose weight. This is because drinking lots of water can reduce your appetite, which can make therapy for your diet. “Drinking about 16 ounces of water before a meal has been shown to help with weight loss,” Ansel says.

Based on research published by the Obesity journal(2). That adults who drink lots of water before meals can lose more than 1 kilogram of weight in 12 weeks. “Lemon adding but don’t do anything at all to help you burn more calories,” Ansel says. Basically, lemon is rich in vitamin c. But adding it to water does not necessarily increase the vitamins in our body.

Lemon water good for removing toxins

The liver in the human body has been designed by the Almighty to remove toxins, so is it still necessary to drink lemon water every morning before breakfast. It’s best not to do it every day, if it’s done occasionally it’s okay. It is feared that it will damage your teeth. “Lemon is very acidic and not great for tooth enamel,” Ansel says. For that, you better brush your teeth for 30 minutes to clean your teeth. So, rinse or drink plain water after drinking lemon water.


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