Powerful The CICO Diet: Is It An Obsessed? 7 Reasons

the cico diet

What is the CICO Diet?

The CICO Diet (Calories in Calories Out) is one of a variety of choices about diet methods, that all claiming the best and the fastest in reducing your weight. On the CICO diet, the most important thing to consider is the number of calories entered compared to the number of calories that come out, while the food category is not too important.

So, is this CICO diet effective? In general, the number of calories that come in and out is related to body weight, if the calories that enter are more, then the body weight will rise, and vice versa if the calories come out more, then the body weight will decrease. This is what underlies the CICO diet. The CICO diet, allows us to eat a variety of foods as long as calories are added less than the calories released.

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For the food category it is not too important, whether it’s carbohydrate, fat, or just protein. As long as the calories in and out are balanced.

During the CICO diet we are free to eat anything, there are no standard guidelines for CICO diet. As long as we are able to keep the intake of calories in less than what comes out, then by itself the weight will drop.

Is the CICO diet the best way to lose weight?

In this diet, we all need to calculate carefully the number of calories from the food we eat, and what kind of activities are going to live, the number of calories coming from foods must be fewer than the number of calories burned through activity.

For example, if we eat breakfast in the morning with a Big Mac, then the calories will be around 563 calories (1). For that we must look for activities that can burn more than 563 calories.

In reality this is very difficult to do because we cannot calculate the exact number of calories actually entered from the Big Mac. Likewise, with our activities, is it true that the number of calories burned can be as much as we expect? even though we do exercise. It could be that our exercise is still too light, which ultimately burns fewer calories than the calories absorbed.

Maybe we succeed in keeping the calories in less than the calories that come out, but will we lose weight? Unfortunately, this diet has not been proven scientifically.

the cico diet

So, is the CICO diet dangerous?

The disadvantage of this diet is that there is no guideline in wise food selection. Even though the number of calories produced is the same, many foods turn out to have various calorie qualities. Besides that, the calories absorbed into the body have different digestive methods.

For example, if we get too many calories from carbohydrates (sugar), this is very dangerous. Because excess sugar can cause blood sugar levels to rise, if it occurs continuously it can cause insulin resistance. Besides that, a lot of carbohydrates also cannot provide a satisfying effect on the body, which makes us overeat.

By contrast, if you choose to eat vegetables and fruit. Not only do fewer calories enter, the nutritional content also varies. This is useful for our body’s metabolic processes. So that you can lose weight more easily.

In addition, our bodies also need vitamins, minerals, and various other substances needed. So, the choice of eating should also be considered.

What impact will it have if we do the CICO diet carelessly?

Even if we succeed in making the absorbed calories less than the calories that come out. This diet will have a negative impact if we only choose food based on what we like without paying attention to its nutritional content.

The following things can happen:

Excess carbohydrates which result in insulin resistance

Easy to feel hungry

Disruption of the metabolic system

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Protein deficiency

Lack of healthy fat

Limp because of a lack of energy

If you want to do CICO diet please consult with a nutritionist.

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