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Which One is Better: 23 Workout Before or After Eating?

Seeing people live an unhealthy lifestyle is prevalent nowadays. Most people still live unhealthily for many reasons, mainly from work pressure. We know that it is crazy hard to have a decent job, especially securing the job position. 

Employees ought to labor for long hours to secure their position right now. It leads them to be unable to do some exercises or physical activities during the weekdays. At the weekend, most employees will be ended up on the sofa, feeling tired and lying down for the whole day. The confusion about doing a workout before or after eating will not be in their mind because they are already tired for the entire week. 

Workout before or after eating

The other reason is junk food which is more popular and easier to access nowadays. We can see that fast food restaurants are just like everywhere, completed by the convenience store and online shopping, making getting junk food easier. Junk food is delicious, more accessible, but it will be a disaster for the body one-day. 

There are more reasons people will make excuses to live an unhealthy lifestyle. As we can see, there are many obesity cases in many countries, especially in America, because most of them eat junk food too much and do not like to do physical activities. Food and exercise are the keys to being healthy. 

Luckily, more and more people have realized that junk food and not doing exercise might be the most significant factor for severe disease. That is why a healthy lifestyle has become more popular lately, especially for young adults. Having a busy schedule due to the work time happens every day, but they try to work out and prepare healthy food. 

Living a Healthy Lifestyle 

Having a happy and healthy life is everyone’s dream. No matter how much money you have, all your money is useless when you are not healthy and happy. That is why living a healthful lifestyle is the key to having a happy and healthy life. 

Doing a healthy lifestyle is about how healthy your body is and your mind. You will have a hard time when your mind is not in good condition. 

Pressure, anxiety, negative thoughts, toxic people, and the environment often lead us to unhealthy minds. Exercising and doing physical activity is truly important to keep your muscle and heart pumps well. Still, you have to be concerned about your mental health. 

How to live a happy and healthy life? Actually, there are some simple ways we can do to create habits that will lead us to have a happy and healthy life. Check out some simple ways to make it below. 

  1. Consume healthy food 
Work out before or after eating

The first key to having a healthy body is consuming healthy food. What you give to your body will affect the whole part of your body. When you keep consuming trash, your body will be full of toxic. 

Processed food like junk food contains lots of calories and fat, leading to various diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Instead, eating food that comes from nature will be nutritious for your body. The body needs beneficial nutrients to function well. 

Fruits and vegetables are the best for your body because they contain minerals, zinc, vitamins, fibers, and other nutrients your body really needs. Moreover, you can also get healthy protein from nature, such as low-fat milk, soybean milk, nuts, tofu, and other healthy menus. 

Healthy food is the best diet for your body. If you want to have a well-shaped body, the food you consume will take a huge role in it. So, make sure you complete all the nutrients you need from healthy food and stop eating processed food.  

  1. Get enough drink 

Consuming beverages have become more popular nowadays, especially for teenagers and young adults. This trend is also supported by many popular beverages, including boba tea, milk tea, various coffee, and other kinds of beverages. 

That kind of drink is no problem when you know and understand how much you can consume. The problem comes when you do not understand and cannot stop yourself from consuming it every day. Do you even realize how much sugar those drinks have? 

Consuming too much sugar is just like planting a time bomb in your body. You might not feel anything today, but you will feel the effect some years later if you do not stop it. Your body requires a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day, mineral water, not sugary water. 

Having enough water will decrease the possibility of severe diseases, including heart disease and cancer. But if you often consume sugary water rather than mineral water, you will increase the possibility of those severe diseases. 

  1. Get some rest 

Even an advanced machine needs a rest. Your body is more advance than any advanced machine, but your body still needs rest. No matter how busy you are, having enough sleep is a must. 

People who have lack sleep will be less productive, not feel well quickly, and of course, spend more money on health care. Your body will be unable to function as maximum as when you are lack sleep. No matter how hard you force your body to keep working, it will shut itself down to rest. 

So, preventing that thing happens, you need to know your limit well. Have seven to eight hours of sleep every day to gain your energy back. Once your body recharge, you will be more productive than before. Besides, your immune system will be more robust so that your body can protect you from any virus and bacteria. 

  1. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol. 

Drinking alcohol and smoking are two poor habits that will destroy your health slowly. There will be no healthy smoker or alcoholic because they are the enemy of your body. So do not destroy yourself by having those bad habits. 

Smoking and drinking alcohol can lead you to severe health problems, including chronic liver disease, serious heart disease, alcohol poisoning, and many more others. 

Moreover, those two bad habits are addictive, so once you are addicted, it is hard for you to stop them. Therefore, if you desire a happy and healthy life, you better stop drinking alcohol and smoking. 

  1. Enjoy the nature 

Nature and greeneries can always be the best medicine for your tired souls. Living in a crowded city with skyscrapers, cars, and pollution can be stressful. If you keep it for a long time, the pressure and tightness you feel can make you stressed and depressed. Take some time to enjoy nature and get back your sanity. 

If your busy schedule makes you unable to go the nature often, you can bring it to your home. Plant some greeneries and put them in front of the yard, or you can choose indoor plants as well. Take care of them carefully, and let it be your therapeutic. 

Moreover, you can go outside for a walk around your neighborhood to enjoy the environment you are living in. The most suitable time to go for a walk is in the morning when you can still enjoy the fresh air and witness how beautiful the sky is in the morning. 

  1. Have quality time with family and friends 

The stress you get from work or any problems that come to your life can lead you to unhealthy thoughts. You cannot keep it yourself, or you will destroy yourself slowly. Talk to your family or friends you believe in. 

Happiness comes when you can accept yourself and your surroundings. Problems are part of life, and they will definitely come and go. Instead of spending your precious time stressing out your problems, you can spend your time making a better moment with family and friends. 

You will be delighted when you can see your family and friends are happy as well. Do not lock yourself alone in your room. Open your door and let the happiness come by, allowing yourself to be happy among your family and friends. 

  1. Have me-time 

Besides spending your time on beautiful memories with loved ones, you also need your time to yourself. Communicating with other people the whole day sometimes makes us tired, especially introverts. So spending time alone is crucial for you to reboot all the thoughts and things that happen later in your life. 

It can be a moment for you to reflect on what you have done and what has stressed you out lately. Take your time, at least for a few minutes every day, to just think, breathe, and be the way you are in a moment. Forget about the world for a moment and just think about yourself. 

Phycologists also agree that we need a moment to be genuinely us. Life is tiring, and we have to skip from it for a moment by spending time alone, reflecting, or just breathing. It will help your mental and physical health because you might find your peace after doing that.  

  1. Read a book 

Another simple way to live a happy and healthy life is feeding your positive brain words. Do you realize that words have extraordinary power? Reading is a positive activity you can do to motivate and inspire you. 

The words you read from the book can give your mind some rest from any distractions life gives you. The immense power of the words you read can even wake you up by giving you another side of the point of view. You can see problems, people, and even people in different ways you have never thought of before. 

  1. Get a pet 

Having a pet can be another way of therapeutic for you because it can reduce your stress. You and your pet usually will connect. Your pet will love you because you take care of them well. 

Patting and playing with your pet are beneficial for your mental and physical health. For example, if you have a cat, you can go for a walk every single day with your cat around the neighborhood. Not only can you release your stress, but you can also burn your fat while accompanying your cat for a walk. 

Moreover, your cat can be more than your pet because when you are sad, they are there, accompany you alone on a lonely night. They will be by your side while you struggle with sleep problems or your hard time that usually comes in the middle of the night.   

  1. Burn your fat 

Last but not least, another essential thing you must do to have a healthy and happy life is by doing some exercise. Burning your fat is essential to keep your shape and prevent any diseases. However, you have to remember that you do not need to do complex long-hour exercises every day to get the healthy body you want. 

You do not need to force yourself while exercising because it is not something you should not force. When you force yourself, exercise does not feel fun and refreshing, besides it will be something that keeps haunting you. 

You can do short-hour exercise, starting with walking around your neighborhood with your pet, 30 minutes working out in your room, swimming, cycling, or any other physical activities you like to do. Any physical activities can be included in workouts and exercise as long as you burn your fat and do it daily. 

To keep burning and shaping your body, you must consume healthy food. Unfortunately, some people feel confused to decide whether work out before or after eating because the idea of gaining more fat after working out will haunt them. But the point is that you do not need to force yourself to do challenging exercises. You can just choose to do some physical activities you like to do. 

Doing Workout Daily and Its Benefits 

Working out before or after eating

Your daily activities reflect the quality of life we have. But, suppose you keep making bad habits such as sleeping late, feeling lazy to workout, overeating junk food, and sugar. In that case, your body will suffer lots of health problems. But, if your daily habits are the good ones, including eating healthy food, paying attention to your diets, avoiding alcohol and smoking, and regularly doing workouts, you will have a better condition in your body. 

We all know that it is not enough to only eat healthy food to have a healthy and sound body shape. You also need to burn the fat by doing physical activities such as workouts. You might know that exercise is essential to support the health of your body, but do you understand the benefits of exercise that you do regularly?

To make you more motivated, you need to understand what exercise can do for your health and mind. Your body is designed to be active by moving and doing physical activities. Do you remember that our ancestors were nomadic who liked to travel for thousands of miles and kept moving to find food and shelter?

Your body needs to move to burn the fat and activate the enzyme to support your body’s immune system, preventing any diseases. You may develop several health problems if you just sit down all day long without physical activities. 

Here, you will understand some fantastic benefits of doing exercise daily you might not think before. 

  1. Improves muscle strength 

Actively keeping your body moving will make your muscle, ligaments, joints, and tendons more flexible. If you keep working out regularly, your body will get used to moving. After that, doing some physical activities will be no problem for you. 

Moreover, working out will make your muscle more robust, reducing the risk of lower back and joint pain. Doing some exercises in your daily routine will keep and improve your balance and coordination. This will make you stronger than before when you are unlikely to do some exercises. 

  1. Improves energy levels 

Another benefit of regularly doing exercise is improving the energy levels you have. Workout before or after eating will have the same positive impacts on your body. Working out will improve your cardiovascular system to get more nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. 

When the cardiovascular system works well, you will gain more energy from your muscles. This condition will energize you to do many activities every day. When you have lots of energy, you can work, play, and enjoy everything you do. 

  1. Improve brain functions 

Do you realize that when you do work out, the oxygen and blood flow will transfer faster and better to all of the places in your body, especially your brain? This is because, besides nutrients, the brain needs enough oxygen and blood to work well. 

Moreover, doing exercise will lead the brain to release hormones that work on cells reproduction in part in the brain called the hippocampus. Hippocampus is the stake of the brain that controls how you understand things while learning and memory we have. When this part works well, you will have high cognitive ability and concentration levels. 

  1. Good for the heart 

The heart is one of the critical organs we have to support your life. But, unfortunately, once this organ has a problem, we will have bad health conditions. That is why we have to do your best to protect and prevent any disease. 

One of the simplest ways to keep your heart healthy is exercising daily. Doing daily exercise will reduce bad cholesterol called LDL in the arteries and blood pressure in the heart. Besides, doing daily exercise will improve the good cholesterol in the heart called HDL. 

Moreover, daily exercise will strengthen the muscles around the heart. That is why doing daily exercise will keep your heart healthy. Furthermore, combining daily exercise with consuming healthy food will also prevent your heart from any severe diseases. 

  1. Improve immune system 

Your body has an immune system protector to prevent viruses and bacteria from harming the body. However, when you retain a weak immune system, the virus and bacteria will attack you quickly. 

Besides consuming vitamins, healthy food, and having enough sleep, regular exercise will also help you increase your immune system. This is because your heart will pump the oxygen in the blood harder throughout the body when you exercise. 

That will make the blood that contains nutrients delivered well to the cells that need that. Those nutrients are just like the fuel for the cells to work better and prevent the body from viruses and bacteria better. 

  1. Maintain weight 

One of the other benefits of daily exercise is controlling and maintaining your body weight. This benefit becomes the first reason people are willing to exercise because they want to control, manage, or maintain their weight. 

People who want to maintain and control their weight by doing some exercises sometimes get confused about whether to do a workout before or after eating. Some people get confused about choosing which one is more effective because that decision will affect their results. 

While working out, you will burn the calories and fat in your body that usually make you look fat. In addition, developing your muscles while working out will improve your metabolism rate. In this case, your body will burn more calories and fat. 

Meanwhile, when you do not work out and ignore your diet, you are just gaining more calories and fat that will stay in your body. That is why you will tend to gain weight quickly when you do not like physical activities. 

  1. Help to sleep better and reduce stress. 

Doing exercise, work, and solving your problem the whole day will make you tired. Because you have done many physical activities, your body will lose its energy when the night comes. You will have a better sleep quality when your body and mind are tired. 

Having a better quality of sleep will increase your mood the next day. Moreover, having enough sleep will also allow you to reduce stress, frustration, and other mental illness that you might not be aware of. Do not skip the exercise on your schedule to have a good sleep quality at night. 

Should You Workout Before or After Eating?

Is it better to work out before or after eating

The idea of workout before or after eating sometimes is confusing. People hope that the workout they do regularly can reduce the amount of fat and calories in their bodies. But which one do you guess is more effective, eating before or after workout? 

First, you need to understand that your body’s primary sources are carbohydrates and body fat. Fat is actually triglycerides that can be found in the fat tissue. Meanwhile, carbs are found in the muscles and liver in a molecule named glycogen and in the form of blood sugar. 

When you already understand the primary sources of fuel in your body, you have to know some facts about how your body works while and after working out. 

The Body Condition While and After Working Out Without Eating 

Before you decide which way to get the optimum result of working out, you should understand what happens with your body while working out and afterward. For example, some studies proved that blood sugar level before and during a workout is higher when you work out without eating. 

When you work out on a vacant stomach, the energy you need to work outcomes from the breakdown of the fat in your body because you have no carbs or fat to burn in your stomach. This fact shows the truth that most pre-workout meals usually contain carbs. 

Another study of 273 participants resulted that the level of insulin and glucose is higher when you eat before a workout. Moreover, fat burning is higher when you work out on an empty stomach. The trade-off of fat metabolism and carbohydrates is actually the body’s natural ability to work with a recent meal or without a recent meal. 

The Idea of Workout on An Empty Stomach 

The fact shows that the body may burn more fat while working out on an empty stomach may seem tempting for you. However, because there is more fat burning, there will be more fat loss every time. 

Before you decide to work out on an empty stomach, you must understand that every individual has a different body condition. It is supported by a study that shows that participants who work out on an empty stomach resulted in different responses compared to other people who work out after eating. 

Particularly, muscles’ ability to burn fat and the body’s ability to maintain blood sugar levels are higher while working out on an empty stomach rather than having a meal before working out. From this investigation, some scientists believe that the body’s response to working out on an empty stomach will bring more benefits than on a full stomach. 

Nevertheless, despite some evidence of some potential benefits to workout on an empty stomach, there is still no strong evidence showing that workout without eating will give more significant fat loss. The related studies showed different results depending on the individuals. 

Some Considerations for Workout Without Eating 

You have to consider some considerations if you want to work out on an empty stomach. Here are some of them: 

  1. Understanding your body condition 

You should keep in mind that everyone has different body conditions. You might know and find out some of your friends prefer working out on an empty stomach, and some of the others will eat first before doing some workout. If you tend to do workouts right away after waking up, it means that your body has nothing in the stomach.

While you are working out without eating first, you will use the fat and energy that your body already has. If it is okay for you to do so, then you do not need to worry about working out without eating. But if you feel too weak and not energized, it is okay for you to take a small amount of pre-workout meals. 

  1. What kind of workout will you do? 

Suppose you plan to do a short-duration workout, or it might be just a general workout done in 30 minutes. In that case, it might be okay for you to do it without eating first. But suppose you want to do long-duration workouts at the gym or physical activities outside such as jogging, marathon, or cycling around the city. In that case, it will be better for you to prepare the fuel.

Your workouts become an essential consideration for eating before or after workout. A long-duration workout will require lots of energy so that you can accomplish your target. But we are not sure you can achieve your target on long-hour workouts when you have no energy to burn. 

  1. Do you concern about your workout performance?

Your concern about your performance during the exercise also becomes one of the considerations you need to think about. Suppose you see the workout as a daily activity to shape and maintain your weight. In that case, you may not put too much concern into how well you perform during the workout. 

However, for athletes or people who have a strict target, their performance while working out is a significant matter and essential. Working out without eating for you who have no concern about performance might be okay because the matter for you is you move and burn your fat. 

However, athletes who have a huge target to achieve will usually have a more demanding workout to do. That is why every performance on their workout is essential. If they work out without having any meal before, it is feared that it will affect their performance. 

  1. Eat after the workout. 

If you decide to not eat before the workout, you have to eat after working out. This is because your energy has been used to work out, and your body needs carbs and protein to recover after the workout. Some scientists also agree that eating after a workout is beneficial and needed for the body. 

But you have to choose the best menu to support and maintain the nutrients you consume. Because you just burn your fat does not mean you can eat other food containing high fat. That will be useless for your workout. Vegetables and fruits are the best ingredients for your body, so consume them more. 

Those are some considerations while you choose to not eat before working out. Of course, you have to understand your body and know your limit before deciding. The types of exercise you will do, and your concern about the performance are also important considerations to do a workout without eating. 

Working Out After Eating 

The idea of working out without having a meal comes together with working out after eating. Many people wonder whether is it better to workout before or after eating. The idea of working out after eating might fear people because by eating and consuming meals first before a workout, there will be more carbs and energy to burn out. 

Is it true that working out after eating is better than without eating? 

Eating before working out is not prohibited because you need energy and fuel to work out. Some scientists even agree that eating before a workout will give you more energy for a workout. That way will make you able to perform better during the workout. 

Here are some considerations if you want to do a workout after eating. 

  1. Your body conditions 

Your body conditions always are the first consideration for deciding whether you better work out before or after eating. Some scientists agree that eating before a workout is okay for you, but they do not recommend it to everyone. 

It gets back to the individual’s preferences. Some people will be okay and even feel energized to have a meal before a workout. However, having a meal before a workout will make them feel nauseous or even queasy for some other people. That condition will lead them into an ominous atmosphere to start working out. 

That is why it is okay for you to have a meal or not before working out. The essential point you have to consider is yourself. Understand how your body reacts and choose the best that makes you comfortable. 

  1. The food 

Eating before working out is okay as long as you pay attention to what kind of food you consume. If you tend to lose weight, shape the body, or manage a healthy weight, you better choose a diet meal. 

If you do work out in the morning, low-fat milk with some fruits is enough for you to gain some energy for the workout. But if you plan to work in the evening, you can do it some hours later after your diner. Again, it is okay for you to eat before working out, but you have to choose the best diet for you so that the workout you do will work maximumly. 

  1. Eating before a workout is suitable for a long-duration of workout.

A Long-duration of workout will require you lots of energy to perform the workout well. For instance, athletes usually do workout for more than 4 hours a day. This long workout duration can only be done if they consume something before working out. 

Some analysis even shows that if you have more than a one-hour workout, it will be better for you to have a meal first. More than 54% of studies reported that eating before a long workout duration will improve your performance than if you do not have a meal before. 

Furthermore, some studies showed that consuming slower digesting carbs will be beneficial for the long duration of a workout. This is because the energy they get from the food will give them more energy to perform the workout better and maximumly. So, eating before a workout has more benefits for long-duration workouts than the short workout duration. 

Those are some considerations if you decide to eat before working out. It is okay for you to gain some energy before doing the workout as long as it does not give you harmful effects. Moreover, you bear to consider the food you consume before working out because it will affect the effectiveness of the workout you have done. 

Eating before a workout is the best for a long workout because it is not too effective if you just do a short workout. For example, suppose you only plan to do 30 minutes workout. In that matter, it is still possible for your body to use the energy left in your body. But you need more energy if you do a long-duration workout. 


Eating before or after a workout might be a big dilemma for practicing diet and healthy lifestyles. Naturally, you want to get the best result from the workout you do, so you choose the most satisfactory way to achieve the maximum results. 

Actually, eating before or after the workout have its own benefits. For example, working out on an empty stomach will benefit you because it will burn more fat in your body. But this strategy works the best if you do a short workout duration. 

Meanwhile, working out after eating is also beneficial for a long-duration workout. You will need lots of energy to perpetrate well during the workout. That is why the best way is to eat first. Workout after or before eating is beneficial for you as long as you consider some considerations that have been mentioned before.

So, is it better to workout before or after eating? Right now, the choice is yours!

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